By Kamy has established itself as the country’s leading carpet brand through solid work, aimed at researching new techniques, materials, ideas, colors and textures. Ignoring the predictable, the company has focused on the incessant search for the surprising that allows different perspectives on the same space. The difference is not only in what it represents. The company’s philosophy is based on the creativity and overcoming of the main artisans and, from this concept, come products and projects that unite sustainability, social responsibility and everything related to human values. Each By Kamy product has the soul of the company and its philosophy of life. The nostalgic and the contemporary merge in the design of the pieces, presenting cultural reinterpretations and interacting with the present in a unique way. “We can see changes everywhere in the world, especially in relation to the originality of creations. The market challenges the new, the different. That’s the soul of design,” explains Francesca.



Present in various sectors of Design, in unusual and challenging projects, André Marcolino graduated in Industrial Design and has a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. His school was in industry and retail. Your learning encompasses a holistic view of the product that goes far beyond the conceptual part, applying a keen eye to new things and details. The creative process involves diving into the user’s universe and their experiences, investigating what will be trends in shapes, materials and finishes. He has been in this universe for over 30 years and his creations are present in Europe, Asia and North America, in the automotive, household appliances, small appliances, fashion, textile, furniture and home accessories sectors.



More than function, design has the power to harbor history, memory and emotional ties. It is this perception – lined with the essence of Brazilianness – that Mato Grosso designer Sérgio Matos draws on to develop furniture and decoration products. All referenced in the cultural melting pot with mestizo seasoning. The solid basis of his creation is regionality, an identity that stands the test of time and preserves ancestral techniques and know-how. What is made by hand, with human warmth, bears the stamp of originality. They are complete in all their stages, from production to everyday use in people’s homes.