Innovation, Brazilianness and sustainability. These are the three main pillars of Cabanna Moveis, a company from Paraíba, that is inspired by the nature of Brazil and all its shapes and colors to create innovative and stylish outdoor furniture, with its production being completely sustainable, in a factory that produces its own energy. Cabanna products are 100% handcrafted, manufactured with total exclusivity. All pieces are produced and shaped by artisans who are dedicated to making the furniture always impeccable. The quality of manual work on synthetic and natural fiber pieces makes them practically unique, like true works of art. With pieces signed by designers, Cabanna conquered the national and international scene, with its original showroom and representatives throughout Brazil. It is featured at world furniture fairs, such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan, at fairs in Bolivia, New York, São Paulo, Tel Aviv and Canada. It already resells to more than 5 countries and every day it exports Brazilian design and culture through its furniture.