Specialized in the production of steel and wooden furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, Cozimax is the segment leader in building materials market. Located on the interior state of São Paulo, the company has over 20 years of existence, and its present in over 7 thousand sales points in Brazil. Cozimax works based on values ​​that guide its relationships with customers, partners, employees and the community: respect, ethics, transparency, commitment, competence, innovation, the pursuit of professional and personal improvement and social and ecological responsibility. With its brand and products already consolidated in the national market, Cozimax seeks to expand its recognition in the international market, through offers adjusted to the needs presented by the most and diverse markets. With its wide product mix, which includes furniture and also accessories, such as niches and vats, offers to customers a complete solution through a single supplier. This reinforces the brand’s commitment to quality, not only in its products, but also in the relationship that we form with our customers, wherever they are. One of the biggest differentials of the brand is in the quality of the processes and the raw material used to manufacture the products: the electro-galvanized steel is more resistant against rust and much more durable, in addition the electrostatic painting process used guarantees not only an impeccable finish, but also greater protection against impacts and extreme climates effects, such as, (sun, heat and humidity). Cozimax believes that the basics are not enough, therefore, it combines the simplicity, robustness and durability of the past with technology, innovation and design of the present. All this to leave beautiful, useful and cozy environments, according to everyone likes. It’s Cozimax, take it.