We are producers of the tactile experience of rugs and carpets: for more than two decades, Decoralle has brought into its identity the appreciation of craftsmanship and artistic expression, believing that the collaborative aspect makes the experience more solid and consistent. In a space of 2000m2, the factory moves between different aspects of the Architecture and Design segment, from simpler and geometric models, to organic, irregular, cut and sculpted formats, transforming carpets into products that are shaped to tell stories. With refined curation and aligned with the philosophies and behaviors expressed by contemporary design, Decoralle also brings signed and Brazilian design, in names such as Tiago Curioni, Paulo Alves, Noemi Saga, Alex Rocca, Giácomo Tomazzi, Adriana e Carlota, Fabiana Queiroga, among others, in order to value local art and make the carpet a visual, poetic and, above all, purely tactile language.