Delinear has built a successful history over its 27 years, specialized in the production of high standard upholstered chairs, serving the main furniture stores worldwide. Our exclusive 5,000 m2 manufacturing unit is an innovative daring project, bringing technology to productive processes. The use of certified raw material guarantees respect for the environment, and the state-of-the-art technology allows us to meet the growing demand of global standards. Our commitment to bring the best designs to keep up with the trends and expectations of high decoration make our inspiration. In addition, we continually invest in innovation and design to keep up with trends and high- end expectations.



Ibanez Razzera is a renowned architect with a burning passion for furniture design. With over three decades of experience, he has not only mastered the intricate details of architecture, but also delved deep into the world of furniture making, where his expertise shines brightly. His path into interior architecture led him to a deep appreciation for the sketch, an artistic expression in itself. And it was this love for freehand drawing that led him to furniture design, where he stands out as a master in manipulating wood as a raw material. Currently, in collaboration with talented designer Lorenzo Razzera, he is revolutionizing the world of design, elevating brands through bold design strategies.