Domum Interiors started over 40 years ago in south Brazil, developing and producing long-lasting furniture utilizing the perfect mix of technology and craftsmanship to deliver high-end furniture. The family business is in the second generation, and it stands out nationwide by presenting new trends in high-end furniture, combining native Brazilian woods, marble, and granite with glass, fabric, concrete, ceramic, and metal and bringing the desire of architects, designers, and clients into harmonious and balanced pieces of furniture. In 2020 Domum Interiors started exporting furniture overseas and unveiled being a great partner to USA customers due to its supply security and flawless quality. The brand relies on strict raw materials and finished goods quality control, supply security, and skilled handpower for impeccable finishing. Domum Interiors has been exporting to several countries, year after year, taking this successful family story to the world. We create and deliver long-lasting, modern, yet timeless furniture, equally balancing aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. Rich in detail with a whimsical finish, our pieces of furniture provide the refined design, comfort, and harmony essential to our lives! |