With three well-demarcated guidelines, Flexform has been building its credibility in the market for over 55 years. National leader in the manufacture of chairs and seats. Today, with more than 40 product lines in its portfolio that add up to close to one million combinations, including operational, executive, collectivity chairs and auditoriums, focusing on transcending the act of manufacturing and marketing its products, the company launched in 2019 for the new positioning market “Innovating Work”, with the aim of being a transformative agent for offices and consumers, contributing to the furniture industry in job innovation and ergonomics. 



In 2012 in the northeaster city of Natal, André Gurgel and Felipe Bezerra decided to unite their creative talents to found the Mula Preta design studio. André Gurgel is a product designer specializing in CGI and product visualization, born in Natal in 1988, and is ahead of his technology company Synco. Felipe Bezerra, also from Natal, is an architect graduated from UFRN and owns the Felipe Bezerra Arquitetos office since 2000 and is now a partner of Ema architecture office (Escritório Metropolitano de Arquitetura).

The name of the studio, Mula Preta, is inspired by the homonymous song by the King of Baião (musical genre), Luiz Gonzaga, who was one of the most complete, important, and inventive figures in Brazilian popular music. It represents the Northeastern culture and brings the irreverence of the region to its signature. The studio participated in international exhibitions and collected several awards around the world ever since.