Florense is a Brazilian Company with an Italian heritage. At Florense state of the art technology and craftsmanship operate hand in hand to produce furniture of impeccable quality. As a leader in the international design community, Florense is proud to employ ecologically conscious production processes. Florense has mastered industrial fabrication and yet are able customize each project as if made by an artisanal cabinetmaker. It offers flexibility in dimensions, materials and hundreds of finishes. The “fatto a mano” (handmade) culture has been present since the foundation of the Company in 1953 and that is the culture that drives Florense to make each project truly unique. All this makes Florense one of the world players in its field and justifies the acquired credibility for fine furniture.



Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, Rejane Carvalho Leite migrated to design gradually, signing pieces that complemented the environments in her projects. In 2001, she started designing for the industry, dedicating herself exclusively to it. The way to search for knowledge in this sector was inside the factories, making prototypes and testing materials and techniques. She has experienced the Italian culture, bringing characteristics of the country that breathes design to her creations. She worked in partnership with an office in Florence, in addition to having taken improvement courses at the Polytechnic University of Milan. It is in architecture, nature, textures, music, poetry, visual arts, cinema, and other everyday experiences that she renews her inspirational source. Concerned with the conscious use of materials, she seeks to use resources to minimize environmental impacts. Wood, metal, leather, aluminum, and fiber are on the list of raw materials Rejane uses in the production of new items, always attentive to uniting technology with craftsmanship.