Our company, with deep roots in the heart of Pará, is a tribute to the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Amazon region. Under the leadership of talented Brazilian designers, each piece is carefully crafted to embody the essence of our land, combining elegance, sophistication, and authenticity. At House Garden, tradition meets innovation, resulting in furniture that transcends time and passing trends. Every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect the beauty and diversity of Brazil, making our spaces true living works of art. Over the years, we have earned international recognition for our commitment to exceptional quality and design. From luxurious residences to prestigious commercial spaces, our clients trust us to create environments that impress and inspire. If you seek more than just furniture, but rather an authentic expression of style and personality, then allow us to guide you through the journey of discovery that is House Garden.




Starting in 2018, Studio Alfaia is an original design brand specializing in furniture. Inspired by the typical instrument of the Maracatu rhythm and the culture of the Brazilian Northeast. Its name refers to “clothing”, “utensil” and “decoration”, characteristics present in the design objects developed by the studio. With a creative eye and attention to detail, the studio creates pieces that mix elements of northeastern culture with genuinely Brazilian materials, resulting in a unique and authentic style. The brand values the past while seeking contemporary design, creating furniture that combines tradition and modernity. Studio Alfaia seeks to bring a bit of culture and creativity to the world, becoming a brand recognized for its originality and quality.

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Cumaru Pouf w/ seeds: Pouf Cumaru version with açaí seeds, a typical Amazonian fruit. Its upholstery is made of pirarucu leather, an Amazonian fish, the largest freshwater scaled fish in the world, of enormous cultural, social and economic relevance. Naturally beautiful, arapaima leather is a sustainable alternative that uses raw material reused from gastronomy and heats up the riverside economy, without neglecting the aesthetic value.

Armchair Marajoara: Inspired by the Marajoara arts, characterized by the technique of labyrinthine and repetitive drawings, as well as symmetrical strokes that are the result of the work of the indigenous tribes that inhabited the island of Marajó.

Like a gourd carved in luxury, the design of the island of Marajó oozes elegance. Its round shape is an invitation to immerse yourself in moments of comfort
and relaxation, providing a unique experience. Every detail has been carefully thought out to create a unique and immersive experience.

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Located in João Pessoa/Brazil, Estúdio Galho is the result of the fusion between Northeastern regional roots, Pernambuco and Paraíba. Formed by two partners and designers, Klivisson Campelo and Edson Martone, both passionate about design in all its dimensions. Having as a proposal, to value and explore the regionalism and Brazilian cultural richness.

The minimalist and authentic design, which values the semantic dimension of the objects and their interaction with the user, is stamped in the DNA of our products, which, like the sprouting of leaves, flowers and fruits, are synthesized in products that carry with them simplicity, beauty and the awakening of memories.