iBTW in Between

IBTW – In Between is a brazillian company focused on the unique and exclusive design of each piece, the relationship between the utility and beauty, looking for a clean and elegant style that makes them essencials to the ambient. The company was born to attend the consumers’ desire for sophisticated furniture with a modern and exclusive design. We used all expertise gained in 22 years being a consolidated brand in the outdoor furniture market. IBTW is the new master piece of GH Group, who came to attend the highest expectations of customers around the world. Our brand brings COMFORT from the indoor to the outdoor through the finishes development and raw materials that guarantee the softness and light touch of the indoor quality without losing the endurance and durability of the outdoor. We’re researching and developing material with advantage technology since 2019, ensuring that products stay beautiful for longer even if exposed to the weather, as they are 100% synthetic but with soft touch and aspect of the natural wicker. Besides that, we choose renowned and experients designers to create exclusives lines that will surprise and enchant everyone.