In Between (IBTW) is a Brazilian company focused on providing unique, clean, and elegant outdoor furniture that does not sacrifice function for form. IBTW is the new venture of GH Group, who is applying its 22 years of experience in outdoor furnishings to meet the needs of the most sophisticated consumers with modern, exclusive designs.

Our brand brings COMFORT to the outdoors by using raw materials and developing finishes that have the expected touch and feel of indoor furnishings yet still provide the durability necessary to withstand the harshness of the elements. We have been researching and developing advanced materials since 2019 with the sole purpose of ensuring our products remain beautiful and comfortable regardless of the exposure to the outdoors. IBTW’s dedication has yielded materials that are 100% synthetic yet almost indistinguishable from natural wicker. Our exclusive lines created by renowned designers will surprise and delight everyone.

ARTIGAS By Ronald Sasson