Founded in 2016, Mundo Movéis specializes in the production of furniture with affordable design, innovation and comfort. Headquartered in the city of Birigui (SP), the company manufactures sofas, dressers, racks, wardrobes and panels and is currently the largest private label in the furniture sector in Brazil, with production of 21,000 pieces per month. The company is still part of the ranking of the five biggest sofa producers in Brazil. The company now has 43,000 m2 of manufacturing area, divided into three units. There are about 500 direct and almost 700 indirect employees. Monthly furniture production records 12,000 sofa units per month. The compact reclining retractable sofa is the flagship of production today. The company has 93% of the online share of first price retractable. With innovative DNA, Mundo Móveis has the product research and development sector as one of its competitive advantages. In this way, it can combine the design of new products, from market research and agility of production of its factories. Mundo Móveis is a partner and the largest supplier of Mobly, a leading e-commerce in furniture marketing in national territory.