Ornare is one of the most sophisticated international brands of premium furniture. Its journey began in 1986 with its first showroom. Its first factory was then inaugurated in 1989 along with the showroom at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva in 1993. The company’s projects are targeted towards luxury products, such as closets, wardrobes, kitchens, wall system panels, home theater systems, and bath & bed furniture. In Brazil, Ornare has showrooms in Brasília, Salvador, Ribeirão Preto, Cuiabá, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, and Florianópolis. Ornare’s sophisticated projects can also be found abroad, in cities such as Miami, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Hamptons. Its new Square Round collection was released in July 2021 in Brazil, signed by Ricardo Bello Dias and by designer architects Vivian Coser and Patrícia Martinez, with the coordination of Murillo Schattan, CEO of Ornare. The project releases are always signed by renowned architects like Patrícia Anastassiadis, Marcelo Rosenbaum, Ruy Ohtake, Guto Índio da Costa, Zanini de Zanine, Arthur Casas, among others.



With a 16-year career forged in Brazil, the US, and other countries in Europe, architect and urban designer Vivian Coser shows a repertoire of ample research and experience in Italy, where she studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), having also traveled around the world to immerse herself in different cultures and integrate intriguing and modern aspects to her portfolio. It is with a multidisciplinary approach that she is signing the works of Studio Sette7, a premium brand she founded in 2015 with her sister, Erika Coser. Their breathtaking, timeless designs are heightened by the richness of Brazilian raw materials, using natural rocks from the country as their foundation. Vivian and her team have established offices in Vitória and São Paulo to focus on excellence and make unique, personal dreams come true. “Our projects cover all ends. Our design process covers all macro and micro aspects.”