Founded in 1976, St. James was born with the belief that our home is the most important place in our lives. As such, our mission has always been to help make the home an ever-pleasant environment, where we can be surrounded by beauty and meaning everywhere we look. We do so by making beautiful, high quality, handcrafted design objects to entertain and decorate the home, always with a human touch. We value the talent and mastery of the people behind each product, through the balance between material, design and the technique of the craftsmen who work the metal. Our main vehicle, silver, has great symbolic power. It’s a material with a life cycle longer than most and that bridges the past – tradition, history – and the future, for its durability and the timeless design of the products. In a world where most things are meant to be disposable, our products offer a different approach, giving those who own them the right to believe they will last forever.