Founded in São Paulo in 1976, St. James was born with the mission of bringing beauty, luxury and innovation into the homes of our customers. Breaking the Brazilian aesthetic standards of that time, St. James was a pioneer in the manufacturing of pieces with modern styles and clean lines. In less than 2 years, we were already selling our products overseas, to customers in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Ever present in our DNA, the combination between craftsmanship, quality and design helped St. James become a reference in luxury products for the home. We favor the talent and mastery of the people behind each product, through the balance between material, design and the technique of the craftsmen who work the metal. 

Innovation is also an integral part of St. James’s history in its many manifestations, be it through design, the combinations of materials, the multifunctionality of the pieces, the unusual metal finishes and partnerships that transcend the universe of home accessories.

Our main vehicle, silver, has great symbolic power. It’s a material with a life cycle longer than most and that bridges the past – tradition, history – and the future, for its durability and the timeless design of the products.

In the times we live in, most products are meant to be disposable. Our product, well contrary to that, gives those who use it, the right to believe it will last forever.