Telasul S.A is a company from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, head quartered in Garibaldi, and has been in the market for 50 years. It started its history manufacturing steel beds and for a long time it was one of the main suppliers in this segment. However, with the emergence and popularization of box beds, Telasul needed to reinvent itself and did so quickly. Since then, it started to apply its expertise in the use of steel as a raw material and became one of the main manufacturers of steel kitchens in the country. There are seven lines of kitchens, produced in different colors and thelamoveis www.telasul.com.br Lounge 220-20 200 adaptable to all needs: Star New, Mirage New, Turquesa, Safira, Pérola, Topázio e Rubi. Observing the constant movement of the market and aiming to grow in its performance, in 2020 the Thela brand was born, with lines of wooden kitchens: Caiena, Canela, Hibisco, Alecrim, Amêndoa, Jasmim e Anis. Thela carries with it the credibility of those who have operated for more than four decades in the market and, at the same time, brings the youthfulness and the desire for transformation that come with the new times.