In full expansion, Tidelli reinforces internationalization and presents all Brazilian bossa in the production of outdoor living furniture. One of the leading outdoor living furniture companies in the world, with a factory in Salvador, Bahia, Tidelli has a passion for furniture and innovation in its DNA. Founded in 1989, year after year it has presented differentiated products to the market – which has consolidated it as a brand of excellence, recognized for producing with differentiated design, cutting-edge technology, comfort and the “famous” Brazilian bossa. It was a pioneer in opening the outdoor living market in Brazil, which makes this market and its history confused today. Among its differentials is the production in an industrial way, but fully customizable from a wide variety of colors, fabrics, structures and materials. A pioneer in the world in the use of nautical ropes in outdoor furniture, Tidelli surprises with handwoven wefts and braids, in an exclusive artisanal process full of personality. This has to do with the main beliefs on which it is based: valuing the national product and the talent of the Brazilian people, who bring in their roots and in the miscegenation of races, a unique creativity, markedly present in the brand’s DNA through the “handmade”.