Toro Bianco

We combine luxury with a history of reference, family business and leader in the upholstery segment. This is how Toro Bianco was born, awakened by the desire to provide sensorial and memorable. Our creations are inspired by the sophistication of Italian design along with the power and superiority of the Nelore herd. We design high quality with exclusive leathers, developed within the standards required by the company’s specialists. Our products are elaborated aiming at the perfect junction between design, comfort, high standard and elegance. They are a reflection of our social, ecological and ethical responsibility, in addition to the commitment to our employees and the constant search for excellence in the entire manufacturing and delivery process. The Las Vegas Market, represents for Toro Bianco a new opportunity to break international seas. Through our values, we consider conquering national leadership and advancing in the international market. For us, working with the concept of sophistication and all that it represents within the market is an opportunity to awaken new senses and strengthen experiences that only leather can provide. We are driven by the sensations that leather alone can deliver. ABIMÓVEL represents a strategic entity for Toro Bianco as it aims to promote the strategy for the performance of companies in the American market.