by Kamy praises Brazilianness at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022 Brand presents in the world’s capital of design, licensed and original works by great artists, connecting their weaving to art. by Kamy arrives in Italy to participate in the Salone del Mobile in Milan, between June 7th and 12th, the most prestigious event of what is considered the most important Design Week in the world.

The brand will have the honor of representing our country and Brazilian identity in the textile segment, at the invitation of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) and the Brazilian Furniture Industry Association (Abimóvel). For the main stage of world design, it brings in its luggage exclusive examples of its expertise in textile design, presenting to the world a weaving that exalts Brazilianness, using the world as a factory. Art: To interpret Brazilianness in its essence, by Kamy produces arazzos, tapestries and rugs in partnership with great artists and fabrics as works of art, treasures that will be displayed in a majestic stand at the iSalone.

These pieces couldn’t be woven just anyhow, anywhere from ordinary. materials. This requires pieces made with refined artistic content and superior quality materials, the result of exclusive partnerships with ancient weavers from all over the world that, until today, produce precious handmade products.

Taking these premises as the north, by Kamy invested not only in licenses to weave renowned works, but also in partnerships to create new pieces in collaboration with internationally and nationally renowned artists, thus forming a precious collection of pieces with a limited edition. Most of the by Kamy Arte collection is made up of arrazos, an Italian word that defines an exclusive textile product for walls, which is always based on a specific design by great artists, made by hand, sumptuous and differentiated.

The arazzo collection includes an impeccable reproduction of the most prestigious works by internationally recognized artists such as Tarsila do Amaral (1886-1973) and Di Cavalcanti (1897-1976), two of the most acclaimed artists of Brazilian modernism,

which this year has celebrated 100 years of the Modern Art Week, a key event in the history of modernism in the country. In the trail of the modernist influence, the brand obtained the license to bring to the world of weaving some of the greatest highlights of the work of Gilvan Samico (1928-2013), one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian woodcuts, beautifully portraying indigenous legends and elements, and of Niobe Xandó (1915-2010), irreverent and contestant in her life and art, in addition to being able to intertwine different artistic traditions in her paintings and drawings.

In order to guarantee the exclusivity of these works, in addition to the limited print run, by Kamy, based on the licensing agreements, became the only brand in the world authorized to reproduce the works of these artists in this specific category of textile products.

To add to this rich collection a more contemporary perspective on Brazilianness, resulting in new original and exclusive rugs, signed by living and active artists, at the height of their creative maturity and capable of creating works that are not only attractive to the eye, but that make us think about the reality that surrounds us.

This is the case of Regina Silveira, a Brazilian multimedia artist, recognized worldwide for works that have appeared, or appear, in several biennials, exhibitions, galleries and public and private collections, including in internationally renowned museums, such as the Museum of Modern Arts, in New York – USA (MoMA). In addition to an exclusive collection, which by Kamy has already had the opportunity to display in the supersalone special edition in 2021, the brand returns to Milan with new pieces, signed in partnership with Regina, strengthened by the experience of creating together, in this period of time, rugs to decorate the spacious lobby of the new Rosewood hotel in São Paulo, the first six-star hotel in Latin America.

Design & Sustainability by Kamy carries in its DNA a deep connection with the origin of its products, maintenance and destination of each one of them, linked to the concern to produce 360o art and design, truly engaging in sustainability issues.