Uultis is a high-end furniture brand with Brazilian design and soul and internationally recognized quality. Contemporary, which combines the delicacy of artisanal finishing and natural textures with the high technology and productive capacity of Grupo Herval, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Brazil. In Latin, Uultis, means desire, hence the inspiration for the creation of the brand: a furniture with soul, which translates the contemporary desire for good living. The focus is the passion for the experience of living, far beyond the object. That’s why the attentive eye for detail, in original and functional pieces, in which all excess is discarded in favor of beauty associated with comfort, elegance and well-being.



Aciole Félix is an Industrial Designer graduated from the University of Brasilia and has a master’s degree in Design from the Polytechnic of Milan. He has been working for more than 15 years designing products for the national industry, working for large companies, highlighting his experience of designing for brands such as Alfa Romeo and Fiat in Turin, Italy. In 2013 he turned his attention to the development of authorial furniture.

Since then, he has exhibited his work in the main addresses of the world design calendar, including the Design Weeks in São Paulo, Milan, Paris and New York. With great knowledge of industrial production processes, its products are characterized by the mixture of materials and constructive solutions. His line, always very clean and decisive, is a reflection of the profound influence of the modernist architecture of his hometown, Brasília.